AWS exam tips


What type of questions in AWS exams?

They only have Multiple Choice (MC) questions, either one answer or multiple answers. NO fill in the blanks, short question, long question or any other types of questions. So you don’t need to do spelling or complicated calculation.

If the question has multiple answers, they will tell you how many answers in this question. EG. (Select 3). There is no (Select all applies) questions.

Taking a course will pass the exam?

No, but I recommend you to take the course to learn from a certified AWS trainer. You may find the official courses in

Study all questions and quizzes will guarantee me to pass?

Performing well on the study questions and quizzes is not a guarantee that you will perform well on the certification exam. Use your performance on these questions as a guide to indicate where you need to expand your skills—but study broadly.

What is the difference in Specialty exam and the Associate level exam?

Questions in the specialty exams require you to demonstrate the ability to apply cloud concepts, analyze systems, and evaluate how to combine or implement the concepts and components into a solution. Often you will need to identify the answer(s) which are best in the context of a given scenario.

Cloud Practitioner and associate-level certification exams focus on your ability to understand and remember information about AWS services and cloud computing concepts. 

Exam Strategy

  • Read the full question and think about the answer before reading answer options (pretend the answer options are not given). So you when you see the answers, you know you are close to the correct answers.
  • Identify the keywords and the requirements in the question.
  • Eliminate all the wrong options first. If there are still more than one options, you can put a flag in the question to review later.
  • If you really cannot choose the correct answer at the end, just guess one. There is no penalties for guessing but NEVER leave the blank answers.

Exam accommodation

You can get extra 30mins in the exam by requesting Exam Accommodation. You must do it before you register an exam.

If you finish the exam earlier, you do not need to wait until the last minute. You can always leave before the end of the exam.

GOOD LUCK to your exam~!!