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  • AWS Kinesis

    Kinesis Data Streams Kinesis Data Streams is for use cases that require custom processing, choice of stream processing frameworks, and sub-second processing latency. Each shard can support up to 1,000 PUT records per second. However, you can increase the number of shards limitlessly. One shard provides a capacity of 1 MB/sec data input and 2 […]

  • AWS exam tips

    AWS exam tips

    What type of questions in AWS exams? They only have Multiple Choice (MC) questions, either one answer or multiple answers. NO fill in the blanks, short question, long question or any other types of questions. So you don’t need to do spelling or complicated calculation. If the question has multiple answers, they will tell you […]

  • AWS S3 find bucket owner

    Firstly, you need to find your Canonical ID. ( The canonical user ID is the Amazon S3–only concept. It is a 64-character obfuscated version of the account ID. Therefore you can’t get anything out of the canonical user ID because it’s almost certainly a one-way hash. Then, you can find the bucket ID to see […]

  • AWS IAM CLI AWS account identifiers There are 2 types of account identifiers. AWS account ID AWS account ID is a 12-digit number, such as 123456789012, that uniquely identifies an AWS account. Account IDs are not considered sensitive information. Many AWS resources include the account ID in their Amazon Resource Names (ARNs). The account ID portion distinguishes […]

  • Using Bitvise SSH Client to connect to an Ubuntu EC2 Instance

    Using Bitvise SSH Client to connect to an Ubuntu EC2 Instance

    Go to Click “Bitvise SSH Client Installer” Download and double click “Bitvise SSH Client Installer” file Accept agreement and click “Install” 5.Once installed, the following screen will be shown In EC2 console, click the icon to copy the EC2 public ip In Bitvise SSH Client, input EC2 public ip to Host field, and input […]

  • Setup Ubuntu EC2 in AWS

    Setup Ubuntu EC2 in AWS

    Login to your AWS Management Console After you logged in, choose your region before you move on. Go to EC2 service. Launch new instance Name: WordPress Application and OS Images (AMI): Ubuntu Instance type: t3.micro Key apir (login) -> Key pair name: wordpress Create key pair -> Key pair name: wordpress Then you will […]

  • Set up WordPress on Single instance EC2 in Ubuntu

    Update OS Install Apache, PHP, MySQL Install PHP and library PHPinfo On your keyboard type i to change to insert mode. Type the following PHP code. Press “Esc” key, then type “:wq” -> enter Open browser and check your PHP. “http://your-ip-address/phpinfo.php” Setup Database Type your MySQL password Install WordPress Setup WordPress In your browser, open […]