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  • AWS EC2 User Data

    AWS EC2 User Data

    AWS EC2 User Data User data means the launch script for your EC2. For example, you can create a User Data to download a website from git and put it to the web folder. So you do not need to do any setup by SSH after launch. Another function is do some basic setup so…

  • Composer in ISPConfig

    Install Composer in ISPConfig Find the user of your domain from the ISPConfig admin panel. It should be web[number], EG. web1. Login SSH as root. Modify /etc/passwd, search web?, Change /bin/false to /bin/bash Change folder protection. Be Careful Change folder ownership login as web user Download and install composer (one time only). Check composer Output: Composer…

  • Using Bitvise SSH Client to connect to an Ubuntu EC2 Instance

    Using Bitvise SSH Client to connect to an Ubuntu EC2 Instance

    Go to Click “Bitvise SSH Client Installer” Download and double click “Bitvise SSH Client Installer” file Accept agreement and click “Install” 5.Once installed, the following screen will be shown In EC2 console, click the icon to copy the EC2 public ip In Bitvise SSH Client, input EC2 public ip to Host field, and input…

  • Setup Ubuntu EC2 in AWS

    Setup Ubuntu EC2 in AWS

    Login to your AWS Management Console After you logged in, choose your region before you move on. Go to EC2 service. Launch new instance Name: WordPress Application and OS Images (AMI): Ubuntu Instance type: t3.micro Key apir (login) -> Key pair name: wordpress Create key pair -> Key pair name: wordpress Then you will…

  • Linux list files

    Linux list files

    To display the files in a directory in Linux, we know we can use ls command, but we also want to sort the files by different order.If you are using Mac, you don’t have ll. You can set alias. Then add the following code. Update the shell without restarting computer. Sort by file size Reverse…

  • Linux subfolder size

    Linux subfolder size

    Sub folder size In Linux, if you want to find the sub-folder size by Linux command, then Sort by size

  • How to unzip .gz File

    How to unzip .gz File

    We can decompress the .gz file in current directory by

  • How to use “grep” command to find text including subdirectories

    How to use “grep” command to find text including subdirectories

    I want to find all files which contain a specific string of text. • -r (or –recursive) option is used to traverse also all sub-directories of /path, whereas• -l (or –files-with-matches) option is used to only print filenames of matching files, and not the matching lines (this could also improve the speed, given that grep…

  • Install PHP 8.1 on Ubuntu

    Install PHP 8.1 on Ubuntu

    If you do not have a server, you may check out Setup EC2 with Instance Connect ( Install Apache To run a web server, you need to install Apache first. Apache rewrite Apache rewrite allow you setup the routing which is good for SEO. Add the highlight code below. Press “i” to change to insert…

  • Move folder

    Move folder

    In Linux, we use mv to move files/folders. Move folder content up one level