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  • VS Code Markdown guide

    VS Code Markdown guide

    VS Code Markdown guide Make sure you have VS Code installed. VS Code comes with Markdown extension by default, but you can add more to improve the productivity. Markdown extensions allow you to extend and enhance Visual Studio Code’s built-in Markdown preview. This includes changing the look of the preview or adding support for new Markdown syntax. […]

  • VS Code configs

    VS Code has many features but also it will have different settings in different computer. Some common setup can be found below. Configure display Language Change display language. Ctrl+Shift+P -> Configure display language -> Select your language Terminal Profiles If you can open terminal, then you can switch to another terminal from the terminal […]

  • VS Code Shortcut

    VS Code Shortcut

    VS Code Shortcut Set keybinding to Run Python Search file Explorer Split Screen (Duplicate screen) User Settings Auto Format Select words vertically Others 8.1. Coming soon 1. Set keybinding to Run Python Ctrl + Shift + P Type “Run Python file in Terminal” Hover over it and click the ⚙️ icon Double click “Keybinding” Set your desired short 2. Search file Ctrl + P […]

  • VS Code must have plugins

    VS Code must have plugins

    VS Code must have plugins VS code become every developers favourite text editor because it has a lot of extension to expand the power to do different jobs. I listed some of the must of extensions that I have tried. 1. Python Extension 1.1. Python IntelliSense (Pylance), Linting, Debugging (multi-threaded, remote), Jupyter Notebooks, code formatting, refactoring, unit […]