Setup EC2 with Instance Connect

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This is a simplified version to setup an EC2 without Putty or SSH on client side (Desktop or Laptop).

Login to your AWS account.

  • Choose us-west-2 region.
  • Go to EC2 page.

Setup Security Group

On the left-hand-side menu -> Network & Security -> Security Groups -> “Create security group” button

Under Basic details

  • Security group name: WordPress
  • Description: HTTP HTTPS SSH for WordPress
  • VPC: (use default VPC)

Under Inbound rules, Add 3 rules

  • HTTP / Anywhere-IPv4
  • HTTPS / Anywhere-IPv4
  • SSH / Anywhere-IPv4

Click “Create security group” button.

Setup EC2

On the left-hand-side menu -> Instances -> Launch instances -> “Launch instances” button.

Name and tags -> Name: WordPress

Application and OS Images (Amazon Machine Image) -> Quick Start: Ubuntu 22.04 (Free tier eligible)

Instance type -> Instance type: t2.micro (Free tier eligible)

Key pair (login) -> Key pair name: Proceed without a key pair (Not recommended)

Network settings -> Firewall ((security groups) -> Common security groups: WordPress

Leave all others as default.

Click “Create instance”.

Click “View all instances”

Connect to instance by EC2 Instance Connect

Select WordPress instance. Click “Connect” button at the top.

Connect to instance -> EC2 Instance Connect -> Click “Connect” button.


You may go to next step

  1. Install PHP 8.1 on Ubuntu.
  2. Set up WordPress on Single instance EC2 in Ubuntu.