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  • Composer in ISPConfig

    Install Composer in ISPConfig Find the user of your domain from the ISPConfig admin panel. It should be web[number], EG. web1. Login SSH as root. Modify /etc/passwd, search web?, Change /bin/false to /bin/bash Change folder protection. Be Careful Change folder ownership login as web user Download and install composer (one time only). Check composer Output: Composer […]

  • Install PHP 8.1 on Ubuntu

    Install PHP 8.1 on Ubuntu

    If you do not have a server, you may check out Setup EC2 with Instance Connect (https://www.teachonetofish.net/setup-ec2-with-instance-connect/) Install Apache To run a web server, you need to install Apache first. Apache rewrite Apache rewrite allow you setup the routing which is good for SEO. Add the highlight code below. Press “i” to change to insert […]