Using Bitvise SSH Client to connect to an Ubuntu EC2 Instance

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Bitvise SSH Client Installer”
  3. Download and double click “Bitvise SSH Client Installer” file
  4. Accept agreement and click “Install”

5.Once installed, the following screen will be shown

  1. In EC2 console, click the icon to copy the EC2 public ip
  2. In Bitvise SSH Client, input EC2 public ip to Host field, and input 22 to Port field of
  3. In Bitvise SSH Client User Interface click “Client key manager”
  4. Click “Import” button of the Pop up screen.
  5. Choose the pem key you have downloaded when creating the EC2 instance
  6. Client Key info pop up will be shown and click “Import”
  7. You will see a client key record shown
  8. Click close button to close the client key management pop up window
  9. Input “ubuntu” to Username field, choose “publickey” in Initial Method, choose client key Global 1 (same as you created in previous steps)
  10. Click “Log in”
  11. Click “Accept and Save”
  12. In the vertical menu bar on left side, click “New terminal console”
  13. Console screen of ubuntu EC2 will be shown
  14. By clicking “New SFTP window” on left side
  15. SFTP screen will be shown, it will be easier for your file upload or editing
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