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  • Convert mov to mp4 in Mac for free

    Convert mov to mp4 in Mac for free

    By default, if you do screen recording in Mac, it is saved as QuickTime .mov format. If you want to convert to mp4 for more common format in the public and smaller file size, you can use ffmpeg to do it. Install ffmpeg by Brew. Then run command in terminal. That’s it. The file in […]

  • MacOS Bootstrap 2021 – Applications

    MacOS Bootstrap 2021 – Applications

    We need many different applications for different projects. I listed some common programs here. See if you need them. Some can download from homebrew, some can download from App Store, some can only download from their website only. Files or Storage Dropbox Google Drive Microsoft OneDrive Filezilla Text Editor or IDE Evernote (App Store) VS […]

  • MacOS Bootstrap 2021 – Homebrew

    MacOS Bootstrap 2021 – Homebrew

    There are so many apps need to install in a new computer. Instead of downloading all one by one, you can use Homebrew. Homebrew can install apps for you by one command. Install Homebrew After Homebrew installed, you need to run the following command to start using Homebrew. Test Homebrew Homebrew Must have packages Python […]

  • Air Drop settings

    Air Drop settings

    Air Drop I don’t use MacBook migration tool because I want to install everything from a clean environment. If you need to manually migrate from old notebook, you can use Air Drop to copy files manually. Finder preferences Some other settings that cannot be found from menu, then you should go to Finder -> Preferences. […]

  • Mac Finder 2022

    Mac Finder 2022

    Finder In Mac, the file explorer is named Finder. To make your life easier, you should do this when you get your new MacBook. Default Finder Default finder look like this. It does not give you functional information. We can customise it. Menu -> View Change to As List Show Tab Bar Show Path Bar […]