Mac Finder 2022

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In Mac, the file explorer is named Finder. To make your life easier, you should do this when you get your new MacBook.

Default Finder

Default finder look like this.

finder 1
default finder

It does not give you functional information. We can customise it.

Menu -> View

finder menu
finder menu

Change to

  • As List
  • Show Tab Bar
  • Show Path Bar
  • Show Status Bar
  • Customize Toolbar
    • Path
    • New Folder
    • View Options
    • Tab
    • Delete
    • Actions
  • Show View Options
    • Browse in list view
    • Sort By: Date Modified
    • Calculate all sizes


Now it shows you all useful information without clicking every time.

File full absolute path in Finder

To get the file full absolute path in Finder, you Control-click the folder/file in the path bar, then choose “Copy folder/file as Pathname”.