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  • Install PHP 8.1 on Ubuntu

    Install PHP 8.1 on Ubuntu

    Install Apache To run a web server, you need to install Apache first. Apache rewrite Apache rewrite allow you setup the routing which is good for SEO. Add: Restart Apache Add a new .htaccess file. PHP 8.1 Ubuntu 20.04 comes with PHP 7.4. If you want to install PHP 8.1, you need to use the […]

  • Move folder

    Move folder

    In Linux, we use mv to move files/folders. Move folder content up one level

  • Linux find IP address

    Linux find IP address

    Usually we will use the or search in Google to find the public ip address, but if you are using Linux terminal (no browser) then you can use the following commands to find public IP addresses: If you just want to find the private IP address, then you can use the following commands. […]

  • Mac Finder 2022

    Default Finder Menu -> View Change to As List Show Tab Bar Show Path Bar Show Status Bar Customize Toolbar Path New Folder View Options Tab Delete Actions Show View Options Browse in list view Sort By: Date Modified Calculate all sizes command teseting 123